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Spiritual Direction is a long standing spiritual tradition that encourages persons to simply be themselves, to listen to God through their own deep experiences of self in this world, to trust God, the Holy, at the center of their spiritual journey.

Women and men seek spiritual direction for a variety of reasons:

  • When noticing a desire to grow in a deeper relationship with the Holy
  • When seeking to identify and to trust their own experiences of God
  • When realizing that what ordinarily nourishes their spirit is no longer enough
  • When facing major life decisions
  • When desiring to share hopes and struggles and losses
  • When needing to discern life directions
  • When praying becomes burdensome
  • When faith in God, or in life, is shaken
  • When searching for the “more”

 The frequency of seeing a spiritual director varies with each person and with the events in ones life at a particular time. Usually this is once a month for an hour.

Spiritual Direction

A process of awakening

to deep yearnings within…

As inner silence emerges we become

free and present

to the unfolding mystery of all creation.

We learn to trust the presence of the Holy.

To read more about each of our spiritual directors, click on their name:

~Carol Creek
~Jeanne Cmolik
~Marla Loehr
~Sr. Margaret Mach, SC
~Colleen Lasky