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Massage Therapy 
Whether you're suffering from an ailment or are healthy, you can benefit from massage. If you want to experience a deeper relaxation, greater self-awareness, a sense of well-being, spiritual connectedness and more robust health, consider massage.


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To schedule an appointment, call 216.218.2214 or email:


Thai Massage 
Thai massage is a beautiful and powerful combination of massage, acupressure, yoga stretching, reflexology, and energy work. Thai massage therapy was developed not only as a therapeutic method of healing to treat illnesses, but to maintain health and well-being.  Many benefits include: relief from anxiety and emotional tension, boosting the immune system, improved flexibility, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, improved posture and balance, relieve arthritis, back and joint pain, helping with detoxification of the body and slowing the aging process. Our intention is to balance energies, reach optimum health, peace, and a sense of well-being.  

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Karen is available at River's Edge by appointment. To schedule an appointment, call 813-748-1975